DC Parks

    The D.C. Department of Parks and Recreation aimed to obtain reader-friendly and graphic-rich web-based application which will allow the department to share, display, and analyze its progress towards the Preparation of a Comprehensive Park and Recreation Plan (PRMP). The DC Department of Parks and Recreation also need the web-based application to visually capture the department’s guiding principle of encouraging an active life style, learning education and sustainable practice.

    Our Approach

    BLEN built the a new interactive site with Drupal content management technology. The new delivered interface is a robust, secure, reader -friendly and graphic-rich web-based application that allows the department to disseminate information effectively and strategically to the target audience. The site enables stakeholders to track and maintain key progress data internally and facilitate easy communication for the preparation of department’s master plan . The web-based application has the capacity to display tables, collect surveys, charts, maps and diagrams as well as digital photos in a manner that is simple, easy to use and compatible with major Internet browsers.

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