The Center for Disease Control's National Prevention Information Network (NPIN), which connects public health professionals in the US and provides a platform for sharing educational and prevention resources for organizations around the world, was looking to upgrade its intranet portal and migrate its public-facing site to the same platform. It also had two more requirements. The first was to expose aggregate data through the Drupal site with faceted search capabilities. The second was that the entire site had to be responsive. The portal was running on a previous version of Drupal Commons and the public-facing site was all in classic ASP.

    Our Approach

    We first created a Drupal profile with the most recent Commons release. After working with the client to come up with a list of content types and related fields, we wrote a module to migrate the public content to the new Drupal site. For the portal, we opted to leverage the new features provided in the latest Commons and then migrate any unmet features from the previous version by updating the code. Once the features were ready, we updated the migration module to pull the community content from the old site. We then build features to pull the aggregate data from the web service by using feeds and custom content types. We used Apache Solr Integration module to build the faceted search pages. We went the extra mile to build the organization search pages, which required special filters.

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