Driving Innovation in DC

  • henok_mikre

    Henok Mikre

We were featured in the latest #DrivingChange{:target="_blank"} campaign video from the Washington, DC Economic Partnership. The video showcases how DC is driving innovation, mobility and growth.

Here is the video:

The Washington, DC Economic Partnership{:target="_blank"} celebrated its #DrivingChange campaign at its Annual Meeting last week. Mayor Gray was one of the guests of the meeting, which was held at the Washington Convention Center.

The Partnership works with business leaders and the community to promote DC as a great place to do business. You can follow them on LinkedIn{:target="_blank"}.

One of the ways in which we are driving innovation is by making products that improve lives. We are currently knee-deep with our latest product - Callr. Callr is a service that facilitates the way you connect to conference calls. Instead of you having to fumble through your calendar for pins and access codes, Callr brings the call to you.

Give it a try: getcallr.com

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