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    BLEN Team

We have been pretty busy growing our Team and business over the last several years. We have been lucky that we found really awesome people join our team and great partners to work with.

Some of our works are also getting attention. And a lot of it.

We are now plotting to go to the next level by competing for the $250,000 grant form Chase's Mission Main Street Grants program. The grant will be a huge down payment to further strengthen our position in the market place and bring more amazing people to do great things.

But, in order to qualify, we'll need to get over 250 votes from you. We are asking you to help us get there. Please click "Vote Now" to help us make it big.

Update: 'We have reached 250 votes. Thank you. We would like to impress Chase by reaching 500 votes. If you have not already, please go ahead and vote.

Let's work together to deliver a success story.